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This is Us.

by Jim Wallace

A knee on a neck for nine minutes. . . Heavy, merciless, stubborn, unmoved . . . . . . a recipe for death; a fuse that lit the fire of a national calamity. The kindling?  Ahmaud Arbery, a bright 25-year-old black man innocently jogging through an Atlanta neighborhood, chased down by three white men—one […]

Beyond Tolerance

by Jim Wallace

Diversity.  Tolerance.  Inclusivity.  These are the buzzwords, the politically correct, celebrated virtues of our current American culture. Let’s be honest with ourselves.  All these are very commendable qualities . . . when rightly applied. God created diversity—He’s incredibly creative.  He has been supremely tolerant, for thousands of years, with our sin (see Romans 2:4).  And […]