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Covid-19, the Fear of the Lord & Unbelieving Friends

by Jim Wallace

“Oh, oh, I’m getting scared. . .  It could be true.”  It was a landmark statement, considering its source.  He was a 20-year old cook, a self-professed hedonist, self-assured that there would be no consequence in this life or the next for his “if it feels good, do it” lifestyle. I was a 33-year-old seminary […]

Covid-19—a Threat to Your Health & Wealth— & Its Antidote

by Jim Wallace

It was a different Sunday morning in the Wallace household. I was sitting at the breakfast table about the time we would normally be greeting each other before morning service. Being the spiritual leader that I am, I decided to encourage Jeanie and Abby by reading a CNN article about the most optimistic best-case scenarios […]