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COVID-19 & the Glory of God

by Jim Wallace

“Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone” (Romans 12:19, NIV). My wife Jeanie regularly talks with her older sister who lives in a small town in Nebraska. Her older sister is one of the most talented, intelligent, wonderful, caring, generous and moral people you could ever know.  Through the years […]

What Really Matters

by Jim Wallace

Just how much has changed in the past six weeks became apparent to me once again, this time in a doctor’s office. I was seeing my infectious disease specialist, Dr. Parker, about the infection from my recent Achilles tendon surgery.  However, I was just as intent on quizzing him about what he recommended I do […]

Report from your Missionary

by Jim Wallace

As I’ve mentioned on a number of occasions, God has apparently called me to be a missionary to the medical community in Reno.  Due to my frequent visits for both emergency and chronic medical conditions, I have repeated opportunities to share the Gospel with medical personnel in our city.  I have now shared my Covid-19 […]

The Unthinkable

by Jim Wallace

The unthinkable happened this morning. We ran out of toilet paper. The thought is sobering enough, but before your imagination runs wild, let me assure you that the crisis was averted. First, it was an epidemic (in two bathrooms only), and not a pandemic (the third bathroom had some).  And Jeanie did come to my […]