1. Hi Christi,
    Thank you for your comment. My apologies for not getting back to you. Please send and email to me at RKCC@att.net. My name is Diane and i am the office assistant. i am just learing how to check the messages that go to our website.. not sure yet how to reply to those. here’s the office phone number too 775-358-5044. my job here is 4 days per week part time. i look forward to hearing from you and we would love to have you come to our church.
    i will send you an email with information on our Sunday Service.
    thank you,

  2. Good evening, I am new to Reno and searching for a new church. I’m confused, I understood this to be the women’s ministry group, how is this a “women’s” teaching?
    I’ve always understood this ministry to be for women, by women, addressing the biblical approach to women’s issues with the mature women ministering to the younger women.

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