Pray for These Risen King Missionaries & Ministries!

Richard and Sandra Van Dillen–Holland

Richard and Sandra have been in Holland as missionaries to Hindustanis for probably more than 30 years, ministering to expatriates who were originally from India-either Hindu or Muslim-who had immigrated to Dutch Surinam many years ago.  When Holland/Denmark invited them to then immigrate to Holland decades ago, tens of thousands accepted the invitation. The Van Dillens started a church for Hindus and have now shifted their focus to reaching Muslims   Pastor Jim knew Richard in Dallas Seminary.  Risen King has supported them financially via Christar for several years.  We recently increased our monthly support from $50 to $100.

John and Estera Vatran–Romania

John and Estera Vatran are native Romanians who came to northern California in the late ‘80s to be seminary educated.  They returned to Romania in the early ‘90s where they have pastored a number of churches, led many evangelistic outreaches and been involved in conference ministries.  Their children are now grown and ministering with them.  Their ministry began just as Romania was freed from Communist rule.  Risen King, as Northgate, supported them briefly, and then due to financial problems was unable to for many years, only restoring support in the last year or two.  They are with Conservative Baptist Missions group World Venture.  Risen King currently supports them with $50 each month.

Brady and Mirte Iubelt–Kashmir 

Brady and Mirte Iubelt are believers from a local church—Summit Church in Spanish Springs.  They are with Frontiers Missions and spent a year in Kashmir, and plan to return soon.  However, they are currently here in Spanish Springs as Mirte prepares to have their third child this summer.  Kashmir is a western province of India, on the border with Muslim Pakistan, and is the lone majority Muslim province in India.  It consists of a largely unreached people group in India.  As India’s prime minister is now a radical Hindu, the people in Kashmir have suffered due to government sanctions and have at times been cut off from the internet to quell rebellions.  There are also border disputes with Pakistan.  Brady and Mirte need wisdom as they return and seek to fit in with their new mission team. Risen King currently supports them with $50 each month.

Compassion Community Clinic

Compassion Community Clinic is a local ministry that provides dental care for people in our community who cannot otherwise afford it.  Several of our members have benefited from this ministry.  The ministry serves both Christians and non-Christians and seeks to lead unbelievers who make use of its services to Christ.  For obvious reasons, it has been closed during the COVID-19 crisis.  It also recently lost its Executive Director and Clinic Administrator at nearly the same time.  Please pray for wisdom as its board selects replacements and obtains the equipment necessary to comply with state COVID-19 guidelines when it reopens.  The need for its services is also bound to be greater once it opens.  Risen King currently provides support in the amount of $50 a month.

Samaritan’s Purse

Samaritan’s Purse is a Christian humanitarian organization headed by Franklin Graham. One of its ministries is Operation Christmas Child (OCC). That ministry shares the Gospel with children and their families in foreign countries via a free gift – a shoebox filled with useful and fun items.  While Risen King does not support Samaritan’s Purse financially, we have been participating in Operation Christmas Child for many years.  If you’d like to help us with OCC this year in some way–donating money for the purchase of shoebox items, wrapping shoeboxes or stuffing shoeboxes, please speak with Blair.

The Voice of the Martyrs

The Voice of the Martyrs is an American nondenominational ministry serving persecuted Christians in restricted and hostile countries around the world through fellowship, prayer, Bibles and resources.  More than 245 million Christians today often face physical violence towards themselves or loved ones, or lose homes and jobs, because of their faith in Jesus.  Their burdens are not meant to be carried alone. The aim of VOM is to see persecuted Christians experience fellowship with the Body of Christ as their needs are met—and find renewed strength to follow Christ.  Risen King does not currently support them financially.  If you would like a member of the persecuted church to pray for, they’ll send you information and a photo if you request it.