Small Groups

Growth Groups have started but there’s still time to join a Summer Growth Group!

The Risen King Church Family is launching two new Growth Groups this summer. We’re encouraging everyone who can to join one of these groups in order to get or remain connected during the busy summer months. So please prayerfully consider becoming part of one of these two new groups! Summer session begins in June. To sign up, mention your interest on your Communication Card or at the sign-up table at Sunday service.

The summer session will include the following Growth Groups:

#1: “Making the Most of Heavenly Priveleges for Your Earthly Good”.  Pastor Jim Wallace will lead this study on the Book of Ephesians on Tuesday nights beginning Tuesday, June 12, at 6:30 pm at the church office, 1855 Sullivan Lane, Suite 150, Sparks. We’ll meet until 7:45 pm, and then head to Paradise Park for a walk together to get some fresh air, exercise, and more fellowship.

#2 “Drive Thru History — The Gospels” Elder Keith Maslowski will lead this group as they watch “Drive Thru History: The Gospels”, a video series that was very well received by our Thursday night Bible study group. This series takes you to the actual places where events in the Gospels took place for a study of various Gospel passages. There will be a time for discussion and fellowship each night after the video concludes. The class will be held at the church office, 1855 Sullivan Lane, Suite 150, Sparks, beginning Wednesday, June 6 at 6:30 pm. Many folks expressed a desire to see this video series again, so here it is! Join us!


Risen King Growth Groups are designed to foster “koinonia”, the Greek word which is translated “fellowship” in our New Testament. The idea is that Christians need to be sharing and participating in each other’s lives through the week by loving, caring, encouraging, and praying for each other for our spiritual growth in Christ. This is what makes “church” meaningful — loving relationships. And as so many of us are coming and going on vacations and are involved in other recreational pursuits during the summer, being involved in one of these Growth Groups, and/or our Men’s Ministry Meeting, and/or our Thursday night Bible study, is vital to experiencing the full value of the Christian life. So while you’re busy going out this summer, why not reserve some time to come together and stay together by being part of at least one of our Growth Groups or Bible studies?