1. Pastor Wallace

    Do you have transcripts of all your sermons? If so I would like to purchase.I found your sermons on Sermon Central but there is only 12 sermons.

    • Hi, thank you for your comment, we don’t at this time have transcripts but we will look into it. Thank you again for your interest, and God bless you.

    • Hi Darrel,

      How encouraging? I don’t think you need to purchase anything. I would be glad to provide you with the transcripts that are available, as long as I maintain the copyright to them. I guess I need to think about the work that might be involved for my assistant, but as she’s available, I would be willing to make them available to you.
      I’m sorry I’ve been inconsistent in getting them on Sermon Central. It’s a matter of time, and there’s been the problem that at times their website has not worked as I’ve tried to put them on there.
      Please forgive me for being so slow in replying. I wasn’t aware of the feedback I’d received until I looked at our website today, on 11/30.
      So let me know how we can begin to provide these to you.
      Jim Wallace

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